Do you sell to my country?

We sell to 24 Countries at this time and offer FREE international shipping with tracking. Countries we ship to include: 

New ZealandSwitzerland
ItalySaudi Arabia

How long does shipping take?

Orders placed are processed within 1-2 days depending on payment clearance and stock origin warehouse.  This is our standard processing time, which means the product will be on its way via shipping within this time frame.

Delivery time will vary depending on your location, country and origin, yet should never exceed our estimated times unless due to extreme circumstances which is out of our control. For affordability we use e-packaging (a service for e-commerce parcels) of which we carry the cost.

Estimated shipping times is 14 -21 working days.
However, in many instances we do see items delivered by 7 – 12 working days.
Outlying countries like NZ & Australia can expect shipping times with slightly longer waiting periods.

Please note, some items are shipped locally and most USA buyers can expect 5-7 day shipping where stated.

Can I track my order status?

Yes, all confirmations contain your estimate shipping time, status and tracking number with a online tracking facility. You are always welcome to contact our friendly support staff should you have any queries.

Where is my product coming from?

We sell directly from our supplier warehouses in the United States, Canada, Asia, Russia or South Africa – depending on your product or brand. In doing this we cut out the “middle man”.  

Is your products high quality?

Our goal is to get you to tell others about our products and services, therefore we choose only suppliers who adhere to our high standards, quality assurance and competitive pricing.

How do you sell quality items at such low prices?

Most of our products are handpicked warehouse stock on sale or excess, meaning they were manufactured in larger quantities than the orders placed. In some cases we have agreements in place for more competitive pricing. Also, by not having physical retail shops we can offer you our client lower prices and FREE shipping.

Do USB charging bags come with powerbanks?

Products advertised depicting images of powerbanks, charging cables, phones and laptops or other items are, unless clearly stated, only for displaying the capabilities and or size or function of the bag. 

Do I have to pay customs when my item arrives?

Each country has different customs and tax duties and usually do not charge for smaller, lightweight items. From our side we make an effort to make our products appear as gifts or low value items.  Should a customs office charge any fees they usually do not exceed $5.  We advise that each item delivered from outside your country be treated as an imported product on which customs will be charged.